How to overcome self-doubt when looking to change your careers?

Self-doubt comes in career change comes from a number of factors: 

1. Uncertainty: you don’t know what you don’t what’s going to happen, you don’t know how this career change is going to play out? What if you’re going to take this job and 5 years down the line you’ll regret it? What if you take a pay cut and won’t be able to support your lifestyle? What if you quit your job and then you realize you won’t make it into the next careers? 

There’s a lot of uncertainty going on in your head. All those questions need to be answered at some point

 2. Insecurities: now at some level, I was thinking that "I’m not worthy enough or I’m not valuable enough or not capable enough to go through a career change and all those doubts have cemented over the years until they have become truths"

Until you don’t work on your self-esteem all your efforts will fail  - it’s just like trying to cycle on a bike that has got square wheels.

3. Attachments

Even though we all want to be in a job that we love, and we can imagine ourselves doing something that we love, at some level, we've attached a lot of paint to change things in our life. If you change careers you might lose a big part of what you worked so hard to achieve, you might need to start from scratch.

So how to do you defeat them? Watch this video and apply the strategies I shared...
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