Clarify And Plan Your Meaningful Career Move...

...How To Go From Confusion To Career Fulfillment

This free live Clarify & Plan Challenge starts on Monday 28th June.

Here's a Taster Of What You Will Learn...

  • Discover how to get the clarity and confidence needed to plan your next career move successfully.
  • Discover the mistakes that keep 99% of the people stuck in a job they don't enjoy & learn proven ways to overcome them.
  • Discover the different avenues to step into a meaningful career & get access to the exact steps to develop a wildly successful Purpose-Driven Plan.

It's time to finally transition into a new purpose driven career that  you love...

The amazing bootcamp is a whole week of free training, career planning and clarity awesomeness!!

4 days of free coaching and training with career change experts Silviu & Steve

Learn how successfully transition into a new career that you love with career change experts and found of The Aha Moment Academy Silviu & Steve, who'll be taking you through a series of online training to help you plan your next career move.

Whether you're changing careers for the 1st time or this is your 10th "reset"'re going to discover exactly how to find and transition into a career that brings you life, fulfilment and purpose.

Learn how to successfully plan your next purpose driven career move

If you've ever found the thought of changing jobs/careers overwhelming, huge or utterly intimidating you're going to love simple and enjoyable changing careers can be.

Silviu & Steve are going to show you how to simplify the entire process, so that you gain clarity quickly on what the perfect next step is for you in your career.

Step into a new level of clarity and confidence with a career that you love

Discover the mistakes that keep 99% of the people stuck in a job they enjoy & learn proven ways to overcome them so you get to wake up excited to go to work wach morning.

You'll learn how to confidently deal with the main obstacle of changing jobs/careers so you can step into your true power and excel in a new career that you love.

You're in great hands here...

"I'm Amazed That Over Such A Short Period Of Time It Was Able To Have Such A Profound Effect..."
- Lindsey Mackay - Bootcamp Participant
"That's What So Powerful About Being In A Group Like This We Are All Coming From A Similar Situation..."
- Helen Hughes - Bootcamp Participant

Got questions about the event?

 What date does the event start?

The event starts on June 28th 2021 and will take place for 4 days - you'll want to make sure you sign up today so you don't miss out on the action!

 Do I need to have an idea of what I want to do to take part?

Absolutely not! This has been created for people who are lacking clarity, and in some cases they don't have a clue what they want to do next in their career! Our aim for this Bootcamp is to give you the clarity and the confidence to move into a new career that you love.

 When are the training sessions?

Once you're signed up you'll receive the full schedule but don't worry if you can't attend any of them live - you'll be able to catch up on the recordings for a limited time.

 Does it cost anything to take part?

Absolutely not! Our special free event is something that se do only a few times a year and it doesn't cost anything
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