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Anne Francoise

FROM HR Director TO Career Coach

Anne was a director of multinational company that got the courage to change careers even though she was the bread maker for the family...

Ultimate Contribution
Help people that are unhappy or unfulfilled at work by offering counselling services to guide them in their discovery process.

Mar Rado

FROM Unemployed TO Teacher

Mar was struggling with some limiting beliefs. After joining us she secured a job as a teacher...

Ultimate Contribution
Inspire others to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their environmental impact through tiny living and ecotourism.

Anna Dust

FROM Unemployed TO Virtual Assistant

Anna went went on to running her own VA business after clarifying all the stages in her career from the next 10 years...

Ultimate Contribution
Empower women to regain control over their lives and showcase their unique qualities and qualities by creating a healthy and positive connection with their bodies through movement and sound.

Masum Ahmed

FROM Monitoring Officer TO Commissioning Analyst

Masum: "This was the stuff that was missing with my previous experience with coaching..."

Ultimate Contribution
Help people with healthcare needs to access information, advice and advocacy services by commissioning models of provision (and developing technological solutions) to meet their information needs

Denise McKendry

FROM Teacher TO Teacher

Using only one tool we offer, had a massive breakthrough, changed jobs in the first weeks of us working together...

Ultimate Contribution
Use my voice to effectively communicate and connect with others in engaging, fun and creative ways where others feel inspired and informed. I will accomplish this through speaking, writing, presenting and mentoring/coaching (especially youth)


FROM Senior Consultant TO Portfolio Career

She landed a job that wasn't even created, negotiated a 20% increase during pandemic, and started a flexible portfolio career...

Ultimate Contribution
Help designers, manufacturers and consumers to protect the environment and not waste our resources and things we have been working in a direct, hands-on, people-focused manner to teach, share knowledge and demonstrate what can be done.


FROM Unemployed TO Program Manager

Divya had been applying to a lot of roles but struggled to even get a response. She joined us and secured a position as a program manager...

Ultimate Contribution
Help people to achieve better physical, mental, emotional and material outcomes by research, structuring, planning, coordination, project management, communication, analysis and writing.


FROM Head of Education TO Portfolio Career and Business of One

Ultimate Contribution
Help young individuals (particularly vulnerable women) unlock their potential and develop their strengths by teaching and guiding them to learn and grow.




Ultimate Contribution
To help students (adults or youths) to be able to express themselves both orally and in writing, through the lessons and activities I create for them. For students to visualize themselves achieving regardless of social class, status, cultural background or race.
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FROM Unemployed TO Lawn Maintenance Trainer and Team Leader

Ultimate Contribution
Help people to discover and grow (in nature). Develop an environmentally-sustainable and self-consciousness set of values by creating a place to facilitate the experiential education process in a sustainable lifestyle.
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FROM Business Owner TO Client Services Specialist

Ultimate Contribution
Help newcomers to unlock their potential and grow by managing, leading and educating.
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From Lawyer to Career Portfolio  

Ultimate Contribution
Help people within business to do their work in a legal and compliant way and to help them find the best way of bringing their projects and ideas to fruition by providing guidance and assistance.




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