The Aha Moment Ongoing Program

Get ongoing support, accountability and feedback after completing the first few months in The Aha Moment Academy.

We constantly hear things like

  •  “It’s daunting to think about all those steps listed in the plan and try to do them alone”.
  •  “I don’t want to go back to ‘my comfort zone’ when implementing the vision stages."
  •  "I need more help when implementing vision stage 2,3 and 4 of my career plan, so I don’t end up abandoning it."
  •  "I want to continue the journey I started and still get access to you guys from time to time."
So we created the Aha Moment Ongoing Group: a community where you can continue to be coached and be consistent with your career transition! 

The only difference between the initial format and the ongoing group is that we meet every two weeks to give you enough time to implement your plan. 

Why join The Ongoing Program?

Progress, focus and momentum

Make progress every week implementing your plan and ensure you don’t lose focus and momentum or give in to “the old way of working”.


Be part of and connect with an elite community of purpose-driven individuals who have the same interests. Develop friendships. Keep yourself accountable. Learn best practices.

Get results

Get feedback from Silviu, Steve and the rest on your marketing materials (LinkedIn; CVs, resumes, interviews, negotiations) so you GET RESULTS! 


One single piece of advice has the potential to save you months of trial and error and can help you save tons of money.

What’s included?

To empower you to achieve the above you’ll get access to:

Live group coaching sessions every 2 weeks to answer your most pressing questions, recordings of the coaching calls and any downloadable resources we create for the group.
Discounted rates for private 1-1 coaching with Steve and/or Silviu (£97/h instead of £197).
PLUS ACCESS TO ALL OTHER COURSES  to implement vision stage 1, 2 and 3 of your career plan faster: 

1. Weekend CV and LinkedIn Makeover
2. Fast Job Search & Successful Online Applications
3. Purpose Hacking
4. Ace Your Next Interview
5. Negotiate Like a Pro
6. Emotional Fitness During a Job or Career Transition
7. First 100 Days in Your New Job (coming later this year) 



Sign up 

Using the links provided on this page.


Continue to do the work with our support

Keep yourself accountable, get feedback & support from us and the community to continue your progress. 


Celebrate a life well lived

Say goodbye to the old way of working. Clarify and implement each vision stage. Share your unique contribution to the world! Live a meaningful life.



  • Help, feedback & support when implementing vision stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 through biweekly group coaching calls.
  • Access to all the courses on the platform, so you save months trying to do it yourself.
  • Discounted rates for private 1-1 coaching with Steve and/or Silviu (£97/h instead of £197) in case you need it.

We have the answers to your questions.

Where will this group be hosted?

As usual the coaching calls will be held on zoom. Any questions you have in the meantime can be posted in the discussion section. 

When’s the first call? When do we get started?

As soon as you will enroll. You will receive a seprate calendar invite for the Ongoing coaching calls. 

Does this include 1-1 support from Silviu and Steve?

No. You can answer all your questions during the group coaching calls happening every 2 weeks.  And you can always book an additional 1-1s. 

Can we cancel any time?

Yes. Just send us an email at
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