How to find and transition into a career you love (even during a crisis)?

Written by Silviu Cojocaru on 6th April 2020

I fell into that trap.

In my twenties, I was started changing jobs almost every year and sometimes having more than one job.

At one point I was

  • working into two part-time jobs
  • going to 3 volunteering schemes
  • plus attending university - because I was so eager to do more, to give more to become someone in this life, winning the Student employee of the year in the UK
  • ....but all this got me nowhere.

I was so depressed that I hated myself each morning when I was getting ready to leave to work, having to look in the mirror and ask myself what the hell are you doing.

And over the years I have noticed two approaches to career change: one that works and one that seems to work but it can keep you stuck for years.

The traditional method

Which says that ...

"the only way to find out is to get one job after another until you hit the jackpot or you’re 60 and it’s too late to find out what you want."

The new approach

The main mindset used in this approach is...

"It might take some time but it’s better to plan upfront rather than to select whatever jobs fall into my lap".

Here are the high-level steps:

Want to hear a description of both stages? Watch this video I created recently:


Silviu is the founder of The Aha Moment Academy. When he's not serving his clients, she geeks out on start-ups, career books (loads!), and embarrassing his wife! He calls London, UK home.