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Complimentary Career Strategy Session

We’ll help you drill down on the vital few things you must get right to achieve clarity and transition into a meaningful career.

What You'll Discover During Your Career Strategy Session

Understand what keeps you stuck 

We'll take the time to understand the decision-making criteria you used to get in a job you no longer enjoy. We'll then share a new way of deciding your career path that will help you be fulfilled now, and in the long-term. 

The exact steps you can take to achieve clarity 

Once we get to understand your unique situation we'll develop a fail-proof, step-by-step approach to help you achieve clarity not over your next job, but over your entire career. 

How to safely transition into a new job/career

We'll go over our researched and proven method of creating Purpose-Driven Career Plans that provided all our clients the confidence and clarity needed to transition into meaningful careers (e.g. how to gain the skills, manager your finances, etc.)

How to market yourself and be paid your worth

We'll uncover the best ways to market yourself in your resumes/CVs, LinkedIn Profiles, Interviews, Negotiations, etc. 

(This is ESSENTIAL to your next stage of growth).

This is not a silver bullet. It requires work. But our clients are living proof that a change is possible at any stage in your career and in any circumstances.

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After working 20+ years in the same role, Denise was burnt-out and in need of a change. Within 3 months, she changed her role, created an exciting and purpose-driven a career plan that enables her to make a positive change in the world, while living her ideal lifestyle. 
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After "climbing all the mountains" in her career and becoming a leader in the charity sector, Luci was still unfulfilled. During the program she created an innovative transition plan and built a Portfolio Career that includes both: contribution and  a good income. 
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During the 10 years of work in the public sector, Masum felt like he was a jack of all trades, master of none. After he completed the Aha! Moment Academy he honed down a career path that he enjoyed doing, which enables him to become an expert in a field that he's truly fulfilled in. 
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Since moving in the UK, Ben worked in various roles but never felt fulfilled. Even if he didn't put 100% in the Aha! Moment Academy he was still able to define his work purpose, create a structured career plan and move into an exciting new 'seed job' which provides the growth opportunities needed to launch the next stage of his career. 

How does it work? 

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Enjoy being coached and kickstarting your journey
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