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The Implicit Career Search Method

The Aha! Moment Academy is based on the Implicit Career Search Method.
Inspired by Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero's Journey' motif, the method applies:
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The Journey to Essence

Dr. Will Schutz's FIRO Theory guides participants to make their career decision from the very core of who they are - their essence.

The Journey to an Efficient Career Plan

Miller's Career Development Spectrum provides the steps and stages required to cultivate that work purpose into a successful, contributing career.

The Journey to a Successful Implementation

In addition to ICS, the FORMAL method developed by Silviu Cojocaru helps participants implement their career plan effectively, with a focus on the tactics required to sell their skills. 
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Research on the ICS Method

The Implicit Career Search Method on which The Aha! Moment Academy is based on is a career planning process, so it ‘works’ when someone develops a plan.

However, when prospective clients and contractors ask ‘Does it work?’ we think they mean: ”What kind of results do people get after developing an ICS-based plan?”

The method has been piloted, studied and poked at since its inception. Below are highlights of some of the results and studies.

Stepping Stones Survey

Employment agency that delivered ICS to Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and Chase for fifteen years prior to the restructuring of the Employment Program of B.C.
Stepping Stones President, Jim Niemi, made constant efforts to track his clients to see what results ICS was delivering for him (samples on following slides).

When granted his first contract extension Jim was told by Human Resources Canada that it was the client evaluations that most influenced their decision. The clients had put their names on the evaluations and, as they were well known to the HRC office, their motivation garnered from the program made an even greater impression.

Max Burgers 

With 120 restaurants and 5,400 employees, Max Burgers is the largest fast food franchise in Sweden. They have been using ICS to provide their staff with career direction and prepare their high potentials for leadership, since 2007.

Susan Petrina, a facilitator from the North Shore Compass Agency introduced the ICS approach in the company and they immediately saw this philosophy as one that would appeal to their ‘high potentials’ and incorporated it into their training program.


 Career Beliefs Survey

70 participants in Implicit Career Search Workshops, held throughout British Columbia, from July 2007 – December 2008, were polled as to their beliefs about themselves in five different areas, at the beginning and end of the ten-day workshop.

Stepping Stones Consulting of Salmon Arm, BC, Canada, conducted this study.

United Kingdom Study

In 2010, John Cooper Associates, a well-established, highly respected training company in the UK, combined with the British Government to undergo a comparative study of ICS where ICS was delivered to a group while their Standard Job Services were delivered to another. At the time of the study the 7.5% results were considered satisfactory by the UK government for this clientele.

A company called Working Links was used to provide the clients and the standard job services.

This time there were to be two groups running at the same time, one would receive the standard services of the time and the other ICS. This was to be repeated the following week with two other groups.

During the first week the group not receiving ICS, after they heard from the clients in that session, complained so vehemently about not receiving the service that the following weeks study was abandoned and both groups of people received ICS. Working Links agreed that ICS was a much superior service to what they were currently delivering.

That same week saw a change in the British Government and this study also ended up on the shelves. Some stats were kept:

ICS in Prison

In 2010, ICS facilitator Tedd Haddock arranged for an ICS workshop within the prison system, Surrey Remand Centre. Again it was the participant evaluation that were most eye catching.

The success of this pilot resulted in ICS being delivered through John Howard Agency.

Here is an excerpt from Assistant Warden Fred Stratton’s report:

Brentwood Bay Resort (Staff Retention and Engagement)

Brentwood Bay Resort is a world class hotel on the shore of Brentwood Bay, Victoria, BC. In 2015 the General Manager, Natasha Richardson began to look for methods to increase staff engagement and retention.

After much research she settled on The Human Element (Schutz) and, after being introduced to The Implicit Career Search, worked with Miller to develop The Emergent Leader Program that combines the two into The Emergent Leader Program (TELP).

Cambie Sudy 

Evaluation of the Implicit Career Search, commissioned by the Federal Government and conducted by Cambie Group International. Income Assistance Clients in Kelowna BC were directed to either the Standard Job Services Program (95 clients) or The Implicit Career Search (40 clients).
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