The Aha! Moment Academy Testimonials

After applying our career planning approach, participants have: 

Found deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment in their existing career with a clear path for the future 

Transitioned into a new field, industry or career 

Started their own businesseor turned to full time employment  after running their own business

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Denise McKendry
Teacher | Found Deeper Purpose & A New Passion In The Existing Career With A Clearer Path 

"I didn't feel like I had freedom or autonomy to really be me. I have more confidence now. I have less fear. I have more direction, clarity."
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Chris Charambalous
Agile Consultant | Started A Business Of One After Working As A Product Delivery Manager

"I feel like weight has been lifted off me - I was able to get clarity about my purpose and a plan to get the things I want from my career on my terms."
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Stefka Bodurova
Senior Administrator | Changed Careers From Retail To Conservation 

"The biggest Aha! moment for me was not on only during the program, but also after the program –  it actually changes you as a person, your mindset."
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Lucie Lachnitova
Leadership And Team Coach | Transitioned From A Full Time Management Job Into A Flexible Portfolio Career 

"I've got the work-life balance that I wanted. I found my contribution. I feel like I'm totally in control of my diary. It's transformational. "
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Changed Careers From Marketing Manager To FinTech At 51 Without Post Secondary Education

"It made me not helpless anymore. You can't be an independent adult and feel helpless. This entire journey is transformative." 
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Jason H.
Account Manager | Upgraded Salary, Purpose, Company And Team (In The Same Field)

"I have clarity and also kind of a compass. This gives me confidence to know I'm at the right place at the right time doing the right job. "
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Miguel Tinoco
Systems Engineer | Learned to Present His Skills And Found An Amazing Job In The Same Field

"I was able to easily identify my purpose. After this clarity came, I was able to define my job and literally go for it: I went from  $110k to $152k."
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Anne Francoise 
Career Management Consultant | Transitioned From Business Partner To Consulting

"I had all these voices in my head telling me, ‘You will fail.’
Now I have clarity and determination. I don't give a hoot what people think anymore."
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Zoe Samara
Found Deeper Purpose & Transitioned From Product Development Manager To Exploration Lead

"You just have to trust that going after your passion [purpose] makes sense in the adult world. I almost doubled my salary."
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Radha Daniel
Senior Consultant | Transitioned From Consultant Manager to A Flexible Portfolio Career 

"It was worth the investment on not just a get another job but an investment in terms of my mental health."
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Ben Smith
Field Sales | Found Deeper Purpose In The Same Field With A Clear Purpose For The Future 

"I'm so excited. I've never felt like this before. I have that certainty that my plans are in place taking."
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Masum Ahmed
Commissioning Analyst | Transitioned From Monitoring Officer To Commissioning Analyst 

"All of this stuff which I paid [$3k] the previous coach for - The Aha! Moment Academy delivered 10 times more value."
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Divya Sood
Operations Manager | Changed Countries And Industries Without Needing Further Education

"The program is for people who are wanting to change, or do something and define what that something is."
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Anna Dust
Facilitator | Changed Careers From Customer Service To Workshop Facilitator 

"Just go for it. It gives you strength and gives you courage. It empowers you. It gives you more freedom."
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Gardener | Changed Countries, Found Purpose And Secured A Role Within 3 Months

"I'm going to keep going with all this adventure. For now, just work and make money and serve people in their houses with their lawn and their gardens."
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Derek Wilson
Project Manager | Transitioned From Business Owner To Project Manager

"This program is very different than anything else I've ever done, and at times it will be very difficult, but it's absolutely worth it."
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Roxanne Bravo
Language Instructor | Changed Careers from Teacher To Language Instructor 

"I was constantly trying to find my way as in what do I do. I appreciate this course. I have learned, and I have grown so much."
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Mandy Robertson
Lawyer | Transitioned Into A New Industry Using The Same Skills And Reignited Her Sense Of Purpose 

"I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get out of law. Or whether I could do it. During the programme, I felt so liberated. It so eye-opening."