Gain a Sense of Direction and Purpose in Your Career

1-1 career coaching for mid-to-senior career professionals. 

Learn to plan your career strategically and transition into a new job, industry, or career with confidence.

Guided by experts:

  • Align your work with your current priorities in life.
  • Maximize your natural and gained skills.
  • Do work that’s personally meaningful.

You have a unique talent: a way to improve the world (purpose) + a skillset to do so.

When you bring your talent into the workplace not only do you help the team, company and their clients but yourself – as you become more alive, find your place in the world, spend our time doing something worth doing, and become fulfilled and successful (at work and at home).

Here are a few symptoms that you have kept your talent buried:

You lost the spark and joy in your job

You don’t have the same energy, motivation or excitement to wake up and go to work.

You struggle to plan on your own

Articles, books, videos, assessments – you've tried them all to find clarity, but without much success.

You’ve become bored, frustrated, or …

<<insert the negative feeling of the day>> with you job, team or company.

Your life has changed

And you job is now in conflict with your current priorities in life (family, growth, balance)

What makes us different?

We've been unfulfilled in our careers. We also know what it takes to find direction, plan and transition into a more purposeful and fulfilling career stage.

Certified Career Coaches 

You'll be guided by experienced Career Coaches who have honed their expertise in career planning.

Proven method

Our method has been extensively researched, rigorously tested, and used by over 21,000 professionals in the last three decades.

Works across industries

Our proven track record has earned the trust of governments and professionals across various industries and experience levels, including managers, leaders, and C-level executives.
Silviu Cojocaru - Lead Career Coach
"This is exactly what I was missing. All of this stuff which I paid  the previous coach for [$3k] - The Aha! Moment Academy delivered 10 times more value."

Masum Ahmed

Commissioning Analyst

Our purpose is to help you find your talent

In The Aha! Moment Academy we do a different type of planning. We give you the tools to make the journey is as enjoyable as the destination. 

To the extent you use the tools, you will get the potential benefits. Below you have a breakdown of the 1) activities and 2) potential benefits:

Exploration 1: Truth and openness

What you’ll do: You will be guided through a set of exercises to access a new level of self-awareness, become more open and accepting of yourself and more objective in the way you perceive yourself and others.

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • You improve the relationship you have with yourself and others: you become kinder with yourself, a better friend, colleague, manager, partner, parent, etc.
  • You start to influence others with integrity and overcome habitual reactive patterns, thus becoming more able to navigate difficult relationships and challenging conversations
  • You clear out tensions and spend less time managing politics, overthinking, making unnecessary mistakes or being annoyed with people, and you spend more time on being productive, enjoying your relationships

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:
£300 - £3,000
Client Example: Priyanka - was able to challenge her manager with integrity for the first time in her career and overcome years of being poorly managed. 

Exploration 2: Choice and decision making

What you’ll do: You will explore how much choice you have in your life by examining to what degree you can choose your emotions, behaviours, labels, reactions, beliefs, and career path.

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Take control of aspects of your career and life which previously you didn't know you could have control over. These could include thoughts, emotions, reactions, and career paths.
  • Become less stressed, have more energy, become more productive, overcome hardships easier, and get to enjoy the ups and downs of life.
  • Stop using external solutions to make yourself feel better, such as alcohol, drugs, shopping, nights out, eating out, conflict, etc.

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:
£300 - £1,000

Client Example: Brian - became more aware of the stories he created and his habitual reactions to challenging work conversations and was able to navigate them with more ease and less conflict.

Exploration 3-5: Get unstuck 

What you will do: You will understand why you're stuck in the same patterns of behaviours, emotions, perceptions, and learn how to overcome them practically.
Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Become aware of areas where you're behaving in ways that aren't in line with what you truly want and deserve, both at work and at home.
  • Learn to ask for what you want from others with integrity, such as setting healthy boundaries at work, pushing projects off your plate, asking for more autonomy and authority, and asking to be more included.
  • Create better work conditions and environments, and learn to cope with any challenges in the workplace. You will also feel more engaged at work, more alive, and in control over your work. You can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem by overcoming insecurities such as feeling not good enough, capable enough, important enough, likeable enough, etc.

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:
£300 to £5,000

Client Example: Denise - transformed bad working relationships into positive ones and increased her self-esteem and self-confidence in the process through a series of conversations.

Exploration 6: Define who you are 

What you will do: Identify labels, defences, and characteristics that you picked up along the way that don't define you anymore, and learn to get in touch with your essence. This will help you redefine the kind of life you want to live before you decide what kind of work you want.

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Gain confidence from the inside out, knowing that you can be whoever you want.
  • Stop being limited by your personality, labels, and beliefs that other people (including you) have stuck on you.
  • Avoid growing old with regrets (e.g., putting work before life).Become a better negotiator because you know what you want and aren't willing to settle for what you're offered.

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:
£3,000 - £20,000

Client Example: Lucie - defined the life she wants to have, including how much flexibility she wants. As a result, she negotiated her new job offer by reducing her work days from 5 to 3 while maintaining her severance package.

Exploration 7: Clarify your work purpose

What you'll do: Understand why having a work purpose is beneficial, remember your work purpose, and have a sense of direction in your career.

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Become more fulfilled, motivated, and determined in your work.
  • Fall in love with the concept of work and start looking forward to Monday mornings.
  • Stop searching for the ideal job and use that time to enjoy your work and the impact you're making.
The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:
£1,000 - £50,000

Example: Anne-Francoise - found a new sense of direction, drive, and motivation after defining her work purpose, which enabled her to reinvent herself after losing the spark in her career 20 years into her work.

Exploration 8: Develop your career 

What you'll do: Understand the Career Development Spectrum and how you can use it to define the next stages of your career. You'll also run interviews to identify skills you have and need.

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Continue to grow, earn, and deliver your work purpose by maximizing your natural and gained skills.
  • Uncover skills you didn't know you have.
  • Become confident in knowing that you have a practical, strategic plan that works.
  • Know exactly what skills you want to develop and what jobs/businesses will enable you to do that.
  • Save time: at least 1-5 years, by stopping the wastage of time going from one job to another without a clear direction in mind.
The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:£3,000 - £20,000

Example: Tom - was offered two jobs both in line with his previous experience. Because he had created a plan based on his work purpose, he was able to make the right decision to propel his career and fulfillment.

Exploration 9: Create your career plan

What you'll do: Learn to plan with flexibility and create a failproof career plan in the short, medium, and long term. This will include vision stages, structured implementation steps, and contingencies. Get feedback from experts on what you're missing.
Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Enjoy the excitement that comes with always knowing what your next career step is.
  • Quickly filter out career opportunities that aren't in line with your career plan.
  • Become the CEO of your career and start to use employers instead of letting them use you.
  • Live with peace of mind due to the flexibility of the plan and built-in contingencies.

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:

£300 - £18,000

Example: Mariana - created her career plan and transitioned strategically into a role that aligns with her work purpose, preparing her for the next stage of her career: opening her own consultancy. This job also came with a 20% increase in salary.

Explorations 10-16: Validate & Transition

What you'll do: Go through additional explorations to test and validate up to 3 career paths, then, optionally get support with your job search, re-branding yourself, interviewing and negotiation. 

Potential benefits when you practice using the tools:
  • Clarify the assumptions you have about working in a specific job, industry, company or career. 
  • Quickly learn to speak about your experience so that employers see the value you offer even if you change jobs, industries or careers.
  • Accelerate the hiring process by reducing the risks of making mistakes during interviews 
  • Learn to negotiate like a pro. 

The estimated financial benefit over 12 months:


Example: Miguel - was rebranded himself, improved his interviewing skills and landed in a role that was in line with his purpose and career plan within 2 months. 
— How it works

3 Easy Steps to a Clear Career Plan

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to try to plan your career on your own, without the proper guidance and support. You might feel like you're spinning your wheels but not making enough progress.
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1. Enrol with our no-hero-left-behind-guarantee

Fill out an application and schedule an initial call. If you're successful and we're a good fit, you can get started within 48hrs.

Our guarantee is that we'll work with you until both of us are happy that you've achieved the goal of the coaching program.

 2. Create your plan during 12 -16 sessions

Each coaching session is 60-90 min and is scheduled at a time that works for you. You'll receive full support via email or WhatsApp in between sessions.

With the help of our experts, you'll learn how to create a purpose-driven, practical plan based on reality, and you'll have plenty of time to implement any homework assignments.

3. Enjoy the new sense of direction and purpose 

Whether you want to change jobs, industries, careers, or decide to stay in the same job or company, you won't be asked to "jump off a cliff" without a parachute. 

You will get feedback on blind spots to de-risk your transition. As you start to implement the plan you can decide what level of support you need.
I have clarity and also kind of a compass. This gives me confidence to know I'm at the right place at the right time doing the right job. 
Jason H
Account Manager

Do the same thing or take the Hero's Journey?

Having no career plan doesn't cost you just 8-9 hours/day, it also costs you: growth, mental health, better opportunities, a more balanced and fulfilling life, peace of mind, self-esteem and confidence. When you consider all the stress, time lost with loved ones, no clear focus... the costs pile up in the region of $$,$$$ or even $$$,$$$. Don't leave your career to chance - join the Aha! Moment Academy Career Planning Coaching and learn to plan your career effectively. 

Career Direction

55% Off When Paid in Full
£3,100 £1,995 / $2,495
Everything to help you find a fulfilling career direction and a strategic blue print to fast track your journey: coaching through ICS framework, tools, processes, templates. Typically delivered over 12x90 min coaching sessions:
  • Access to all career planning tools
  • Feedback and Q&A in between sessions
  • A draft Mission Statement
  • A clear understanding of your skills and areas for development
  • A draft Work Purpose Statement
  • A clear picture of your finances
  • Best practices & resources to research careers you didn't know existed
  • Exploration of different job or business avenues to achieve your work purpose
  • Access to templates and strategies to conduct informational interviews
  • A clear and practical career plan for the short, medium, and long term
  • Support in creating experiments to explore, test & validate career paths

The recommended timeline for completion, including previous steps is 2-5 months.

Career Launch

55% Off When Paid in Full
£4,600 £2,995 / $3,750
Everything in the Career Planning, plus 5 additional coaching sessions to assist you with job searching:
  • Polished of CV, LinkedIn, and cover letter targeted toward the new job or career
  • Feedback on personal website if you are building a business
  • Learn how to access unadvertised job opportunities (80% of jobs aren't posted)
  • Two mock interview sessions with best practices, feedback on your research, delivery and body language
  • One mock negotiation session with feedback on your salary expectations 

The recommended timeline for completion, including previous steps is 3-6 months.

Career Mastery

55% Off When Paid in Full
£7,750 £4,995 / $6,280
Everything in the Career Launch, plus unlimited support and bi-weekly coaching for 6 more months in the new role:
  • Coaching and tools to help you advertise yourself in the new job, establish a good brand, overcome the usual challenges that come up in a new job, industry or career
  • Additional tools to improve your awareness, Emotional Intelligence and coaching skills as a manager or leader

The recommended timeline for completion is 12 months.


What our clients say about us

Denise McKendry

Found Deeper Purpose & A New Passion In The same industry - teaching
I have more confidence now. I have less fear. I have more direction, clarity. I'm a teacher. I intend to work my Work Purpose in my job. Now I'm more intentional about it. I know who I am in my essence. I know what I want to contribute to my students. When I go back to school, I am going to be a different woman. So empowered, so confident, knows what she wants

Stefka Bodurova

Senior Administrator | Changed Careers From Retail To ENVIRONMENT Conservation
The biggest Aha! moment for me was not on only during the program, but also after the program – it actually changes you as a person, your mindset. Even though it's a career transition program, it's not just about career but it is about YOU and getting to know yourself and accepting yourself.

Lucie Lachnitova

Leadership And Team Coach | Transitioned From A FT HR Job Into A Flexible Portfolio Career 
I've got the work-life balance that I wanted. I found my contribution. I feel like I'm totally in control of my diary. It's transformational.

Chris Charambalous

I feel like weight has been lifted off me - I was able to get clarity about my purpose and a plan to get the things I want from my career on my terms. Best investment you are going to make is the one in you.

Zoe Samara

Found Deeper Purpose & Transitioned From Product Development To Exploration Lead
I’m really busy, but it's my dream job. I've never been happier in my life. It's a perfect thing for me. It's all everything I wanted to do. The team is great. They're very nice people, hardworking but they're also very supportive and collaborative. It's a team effort, has a very safe culture, gives feedback and people listen. They don't become defensive. We are contributing.

Anne Francoise

Transitioned From Business Partner To Career Management Consultant
I had all these voices in my head telling me, ‘You will fail.’ 
Now I have clarity and determination. I don't give a hoot what people think anymore.

Roxanne Bravo

Changed Careers from Teacher To Language Instructor 
I was constantly trying to find my way as in what do I do. I appreciate this course. I have learned, and I have grown so much.

Mandy Robertson

Lawyer | Transitioned Into A New Industry Using The Same Skills And Reignited Her Sense Of Purpose
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get out of law. Or whether I could do it. During the programme, I felt so liberated. It so eye-opening.

Frequently asked questions

Do you only work with people who want to change careers? 

We work with people who seek direction and purpose in their careers. After planning their career, some people stay in the same field others change careers.

Do you offer discounts for small groups 2-6?

Yes, each of you will have an additional 25% off. 

What's the time commitment? 

Each session is 60-90 min. In addition you may need 1-2 hours to complete any homework. The best part is that you can go at your own speed. You can schedule 5 session in a week or one session every 2-3 weeks. These sessions are scheduled around your time. 

Stop wasting precious years in a job you don't enjoy. Enrol in the Aha! Moment Academy Career Planning Coaching and experience the benefits of this effective process. By doing so, you will: find a new direction and work towards it and feel like you want to be at work, rather than feeling obligated to be there. 

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