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Learn to market yourself effectively. Get feedback and understand what you're missing. Land the next job with confidence. 
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Job searching can be a daunting task...

... especially when you don't know what you're doing wrong.
  • You haven’t job searched in years and feel a bit "rusty" when it comes to speaking about your skills and experience.
  • You find the job search process to be quite lonely, without anyone to talk to openly about your struggles.
  • You know you can do more in your work, but you find it hard to get employers to see that you can do the job.
  • Your CV/resume/LinkedIn doesn't reflect the value that you can offer.
  • You're afraid to jump ship and make the wrong career move.
  • You find it hard to show up confidently during interviews.
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You're not alone! Many mid-to-senior career professionals like you struggle with the same issues. 
At the Aha! Moment Academy...

We understand that job searching can be tough

That's why we created the Aha! Moment Academy Job Search Coaching program.

We're not your typical job search coaches. We offer a unique approach that combines learning the best practices of job searching with direct, unbiased feedback that can help you understand what you're missing.

We've worked with clients at large companies such as Google, Apple or Salesforce as well as startups, in various industries and at all levels. 
Previous Client
"I was able to easily identify my purpose. After this clarity came, I was able to define my job and literally go for it: I went from  $110k to $152k."

Miguel Tinoco

System Engineer

We make real results happen.

 Through the Aha! Moment Academy Job Search Coaching program, we'll provide a proven system to help you succeed in your job search. Here's what you'll gain from our coaching sessions:


Discover What You're Doing Wrong & Optimize Your Strategy

Understand how to read job descriptions so you can determine with objectivity if you can do the job. 

Clarify your target roles and companies. Learn to interview the company before applying for a job.
We'll work together to create a job search strategy that leverages your strengths, and you'll receive templates that have worked for others to save you time.


Tailor Your Marketing Materials

You'll also learn how to optimize your marketing materials, including your resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile.

You'll get access to the best practices and formulas to help you effectively communicate your experience and skills.

We'll work together to polish your materials and ensure they showcase your unique value proposition to potential employers.


Master the Art of Interviewing

Learn the best practices of interviewing at different stages in the job selection process.
Practice answering key questions confidently and receive feedback on your body language, tone, the content of the answers so you can strike the right balance of professional vs personal.
Learn how to research the company, its products/services, interview panel and prepare for the interview so you can wow the interviewers.


Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro

Once you get to the offer stage, we'll help you create your negotiation strategy, find hidden benefits you can add to your package, and avoid leaving potential benefits on the table. With our help, you'll feel confident and in control throughout the negotiation process.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps:

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Step 1: Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Schedule a free discovery call with us. During this 45-minute call, we'll discuss your unique situation and job search goals. You'll get a sense of what it's like to work with us, and we'll provide insights into how we can help you.

Step 2: Choose Your Coaching Package

During call, we'll provide a range of coaching packages tailored to your unique situation. Whether you're mid or senior career professional looking to transition into a more fulfilling job, we can tailor a package that's right for you. You'll get feedback on your resume, learn how to nail your interviews, and get the support you need to make your next career move with confidence.

Step 3: Start Landing Interviews and Job Offers

With our coaching, you'll learn the skills and strategies you need to succeed in today's job market. You'll gain the confidence and knowledge to land more interviews and job offers. And with our support, you'll be on your way to landing your next job in no time.
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Don't wait any longer to take control of your career.

What is the fee structure?

The Aha! Moment Academy Job Search Coaching program is usually delivered as 6 or 10 X 1h sessions with email and video feedback in between.

Normally our job search coaching fee is £350/session ($400).

When you buy in bulk of 6 or 10 the fee varies between £100 ($120) to £200 ($240) depending on the number of sessions and prep. required from me before or after each session.

Total cost varies between £600/$720 when you invest in 6 sessions with minimal prep to £2,000/$2,400 when you invest in 10 sessions with considerable prep.

You don't have to struggle with job searching anymore. 

Your Stories

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"I thought I was rubbish at negotiating. I discovered that negotiation is a skill. The practice with Silviu was invaluable. I've landed a role with a £12k increase in a company and role that I love."


"It's an upgrade in every domain, in the salary, in the mission, in the client in the portfolio, in the team. This is an upgrade everywhere and I can say I'm blessed."


"I've gotta say though this [interviewing the company before applying] has been a seriously useful exercise, Silviu. I feel like I dodged a bullet. And now, looking back, I wouldn't have applied for my last 3 jobs!


Frequently asked questions

Do you work with executives or senior leaders/directors?

Yes, our job search coaching program is designed to help mid-to-senior career professionals like you land their dream job with confidence. About 30% of our clients are in this category, and the rest are managers or established professionals. 

Is this coaching right for me if I'm changing careers?

Yes, you may benefit from the career change package which includes planning your career and understanding how to speak about your skills even if you're changing industries or jobs. We may need additional sessions to cover any gaps, such as "not sure what to do next," "not sure what skills I need for the next role," or "not sure how to get those skills while still getting paid." We suggest having an initial conversation to determine the best approach for you.

Do you offer CV/resume/LinkedIn/Cover Letter writing services?

Yes, we do offer these services, but we do not advise you to use them. The reason is that 1) you only get the “fish” without learning to fish; 2) it’s much more expensive; and 3) you end up with some marketing materials that sound more like me than you.

Compared to paying someone hundreds of £££ or $$$ to do this you learn to do market yourself, get feedback from someone with expertise on this topic so you get to know everything that a professional CV/LinkedIn writer knows, plus you end up with a resume/CV/LinkedIn that reflects your experience which you can present confidently in an interview. 

Where are your clients located?

Our clients are based in the US, UK, Canada, and a few countries in Europe in which the hiring is done in English such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Ireland.  

Have you worked with people in my industry/at my level of seniority?

Although we don't have a list of industries I've helped people get hired into, we've worked with a large majority of industries and at most levels of seniority. The reason why this process works is that we focus on best practice principles that work across industries. For example, the way you research what hiring managers care about when hiring for your role in your industry is the same in all industries. The way you optimize your CV, LinkedIn, or cover letter is the same, although the KPIs and results (a.k.a. language) are different. We've worked with professionals in startups and senior leaders in multinational companies. 

Do you offer introductions to companies?

No, we do not offer introductions to companies. We help you learn the skill of being resourceful and getting interviews even when you don’t have a large network. You get templates, tips, and techniques to network effectively online, and it's common for clients to book interviews with VPs of multinational agencies by learning and implementing these strategies.

How long do I have to use the sessions?

There's no hard limit. Clients usually land roles within 1-3 months and use their coaching sessions in that period. If you need more than 3 months, we can extend that period by a few months. We want you to win, because when you win, we know we've won your trust and more business from your recommendations.

Do you offer fewer than 6 sessions?

Yes, but the price will be higher the fewer sessions you purchase.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes - we offer a no-hero-left-behind guarantee for all our clients. Although we cannot guarantee the job since we can't interview with you,  we guarantee that you will continue to get support from us until both you and us are happy with the results. We also guarantee that we'll help you learn the best practices for marketing yourself at different stages of your career, provide concrete feedback on your resume and interviewing skills, and help you understand what you're missing. With our guidance, you'll create a job search strategy that's tailored to your strengths and learn how to impress interviewers. 

How will the coaching sessions be conducted?

We conduct coaching sessions through Zoom or Skype, and we'll provide you with email and video feedback in between sessions. We'll work together to create a schedule that fits your needs.
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