Private Coaching

If you signed up to group coaching and need more individual support from both Steve and Silviu you can get 1, 3 or 5 private coaching session packages.
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Examples of what you can do in a private coaching

Work through deeper (more private) limiting beliefs/identities

Steve is a Master Coach of the PEAT method. You can also work on removing 'stuck identities' or polarities. 

Design a job exit/search strategy 

Job search is a job in itself. Each industry has its own best practices and shortcuts. By designing a job search you can save weeks or months "spraying and praying".

Get additional mock interview/ negotiation sessions

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age.

Anything else

These sessions are tailored to your unique needs in those circumstances. The above are just some examples.  We found that people come in these call thinking they need help with a specific matter and ending up working on the actual problem. 

Frequently asked questions

Where and when?

All the sessions will be held on Zoom from Monday to Friday(4pm-10pm GMT). 

You will have access to the recordings. Clients have found the recordings to be really useful as they could refer back to them. Once you book, you will receive a link with our availability.

Our only ask is that you book these sessions 24 hrs in advance. 

Can I speak with Steve or Silviu or both? 

You can have both of Steve and Silviu on the call or just one. The fee is the same. When you book you'll be able to select who you want to talk to. 

How long is each session?

Each sessions lasts for 30-60min. Longer or shorter sessions are available on request. 

Anything else? 

If you have additional questions email Silviu directly at or WhatsApp +44 (0) 7507491042

Choose your option

As you're an existing client you benefit from discounts on private coaching. 

1-Session (50% off  ) 

£200  £97
Pay-per-session for more flexibility about when to take the sessions.
  • Call recordings
  • 1-1 email follow up
  • Tailored support

3-Session Package (56% off)

£600   £262   
For those who want to work through the program  quicker. The 3 sessions to be used within two months. 
  • Call recordings
  • 1-1 email follow up
  • Tailored support

5-Session Package (59% off)

£1000   £412
For those who want to work on the most important aspects of their plan and personal development and make significant improvements. 5 sessions to be taken within three months. 
  • Call recordings
  • 1-1 email follow up
  • Tailored support
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