My services are most effective for 30 and 40-year-olds who are one or more of the following:  

  • you're getting started and want to do it right
  • already struggling and wants to fix this
  • willing to put in the work
  • are already investing 1-3 hours per week thinking about this career change
  • you’re fully on board with the idea that you can make a career transition that’s meaningful to you
  • you’re super stoke that in just the first month you’ll get to discover your Work Purpose
  • ready to take the first step even if it’s scary

Hi, I'm Silviu, and when I was 10 I was struck by lightning 🌩and since then I have discovered how to get everyone into a meaningful career.

Just kidding!

I don't have a crazy or dramatical story apart from the fact since I was about 10 I have started coaching people, first about what I knew (which was maths) then about relationships (when I was around 16) and then on about careers, more specifically, on how to get amazing jobs without applying online, without boring CV/resumes or classical recruiters 😍.

But after changing a few jobs, I became successful on the outside (especially from my friends and parents' perspective) but unfulfilled, unmotivated and uninspired on the inside.

Those amazing jobs that I got myself (and other clients) into, were making me feel empty. Like something was m_i_s_s_i_g.

I was dreading to go to work each morning, clockwatching every single hour whilst I was in the office, and coming home feeling useless because I was not making any difference. The people I got into those amazing jobs started feeling the same. We were working on purpose (i.e. delivering a contribution) but it wasn't our contribution.

Within 5 years I found a body of work called Implicit Career Search that helps people do a lot more than find and get into a meaningful career. It changes their entire life.

In the last year alone, through the workshops, 1-1 coaching, online courses and events I helped over 1,000 people kickstart their journey (along with my business partner).

What motivates me, even more, is seeing how clients get not only their career clear but the rest of their life. We have clients who apart from discovering their ideal career, managed to...

🤗 make pace with parents who they haven't spoken within 13 years.

🎉overcome their BIGGEST insecurities that kept them stuck in the wrong careers for over 20+ years.

⏳ plan their career and life so that they have time for everything they want to do in their life.

✊But even more importantly, 100% of our clients found a way to improve the world and are working towards building a career around that, so you and I will be living a better world because of them.

That's what motivates me! That's my work purpose! And it's even better than being stuck by lighting :)  

I was there myself and I have a plan to help you avoid another 2-4 years or 20 years of trial and error.

And the journey is only beginning...