Find Work You Love & Wake Up Excited Each Morning

researched, tested and proven coaching program to help you get into a career that feels right, in 3 months.

Discover, Plan and Step into Your Ideal Career Now!
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Hey... are you unhappy at work feeling like something is missing...?  

Are you facing THESE challenges?

Want a change in your career but...

...don't want to risk the security or comfort of the current job?

Want to do work that you love, which pays well and helps others, but…

...don't know where to start?

Dread Monday mornings or...

...any mornings when you have to go to work?

A full suite of services to help you strategically manage your career. Which option is right for you?

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Plan Your Career Strategically & Transition Safely

Discover, plan, and transition into a deeply fulfilling career stage aligned with your current priorities in life.

Learn a unique and effective way to find a sense of direction during personalized 1-1 coaching sessions with expert coaches.

In this program, you will learn the 6-part framework that has helped over 20k people find their work purpose, maximize their career growth, achieve work-life balance, and wake up excited to go to work.
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 Perfect for: anyone who is seeking clarity in their career and wants to take a more strategic approach to planning their careers.
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Job Search With Confidence

Get the support you deserve to market yourself effectively in CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and interviews, so you can land more job offers in line with your Strategic Career Plan.

With a coach by your side, you will feel confident that your messaging is right and effective.

 Perfect for: anyone who is already clear on what they want to do next but struggles to land interviews or job offers, and wants the help of a coach to review their resume, LinkedIn profile, job search strategy, or interview skills.
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Improve Your Mental & Emotional Fitness

Say goodbye to fear, doubt, insecurities, impostor syndrome, or any other mental and emotional blocks that keep you stuck.

With the help of a certified Integra Processor, you'll learn effective techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals with greater ease in just 4 weeks.

 Perfect for: anyone who is already in a job they like but struggles to manage their thoughts and emotions effectively.
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What our clients say about us

Denise McKendry

Found Deeper Purpose & A New Passion In The same industry - teaching
I have more confidence now. I have less fear. I have more direction, clarity. I'm a teacher. I intend to work my Work Purpose in my job. Now I'm more intentional about it. I know who I am in my essence. I know what I want to contribute to my students. When I go back to school, I am going to be a different woman. So empowered, so confident, knows what she wants

Stefka Bodurova

Senior Administrator | Changed Careers From Retail To ENVIRONMENT Conservation
The biggest Aha! moment for me was not on only during the program, but also after the program – it actually changes you as a person, your mindset. Even though it's a career transition program, it's not just about career but it is about YOU and getting to know yourself and accepting yourself.

Lucie Lachnitova

Leadership And Team Coach | Transitioned From A FT HR Job Into A Flexible Portfolio Career 
I've got the work-life balance that I wanted. I found my contribution. I feel like I'm totally in control of my diary. It's transformational.

Chris Charambalous

Agile Consultant | Started A Business Of One After Working As A Delivery Manager
I feel like weight has been lifted off me - I was able to get clarity about my purpose and a plan to get the things I want from my career on my terms. Best investment you are going to make is the one in you.

Zoe Samara

Found Deeper Purpose & Transitioned From Product Development To Exploration Lead
I’m really busy, but it's my dream job. I've never been happier in my life. It's a perfect thing for me. It's all everything I wanted to do. The team is great. They're very nice people, hardworking but they're also very supportive and collaborative. It's a team effort, has a very safe culture, gives feedback and people listen. They don't become defensive. We are contributing.

Anne Francoise

 Transitioned From Business Partner To CAREER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT
I had all these voices in my head telling me, ‘You will fail.’
Now I have clarity and determination. I don't give a hoot what people think anymore.

Roxanne Bravo

Changed Careers from Teacher To Language Instructor 
I was constantly trying to find my way as in what do I do. I appreciate this course. I have learned, and I have grown so much.

Mandy Robertson

Lawyer | Transitioned Into A New Industry Using The Same Skills And Reignited Her Sense Of Purpose
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to get out of law. Or whether I could do it. During the programme, I felt so liberated. It so eye-opening.

Find Work You Love

Define what contribution you want to make and maximise your potential and talent.

Align Work With YOU

Align your work and career with the most authentic version of yourself so you life a life you won't regret.


You'll have a proven plan to discover and deliver work that you love, which enables you to earn more.
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Our easy step-by-step framework has helped 22,000 people just like you.

Launch your ideal career… fast.

How much is working in the wrong career costing you? Your health, mental well-being, time? 
Are you changing jobs but still not connecting with new colleagues, office politics, routine, and additional stress?

Gaining experience in something you don't like or don't care about...

And always stressing about your next steps in your career?

On average, people usually spend four years trying to find work they love (during which they still change jobs 2-3 times).

The Aha! Academy can help you reduce your job hunt and successfully land a fulfilling job in 3-6 months.
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